All your content in one platform

Seever ensures that all your online content can be seen in one clear overview on your Seever profile. In this way, users of the app no longer have to switch between all the different platforms. Follow us on YouTube. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.’ is a thing of the past. Follow us on Seever’ is the new way to promote your social media profiles.

Highlighting content

Every day you can highlight the most important post of the day and it will appear at the top of your profile feed. This highlighted content will also be placed directly in the ‘Seever explorer’ so people who don’t follow your Seever profile can discover the most important content of the day. This tool allows Seever users to find your content and profile faster and allows you to further expand your ‘follower base’.

One profile,
One overview

Link your social accounts and all content will be shown automatically in your Seever profile

Easy reference too all your online content

With one QR scan or a click on your personal Seever icon. Easier acces will make more people see your social media content

Reach more audience

View statistics of all social media content to make better business decisions

Seever Explore

With over 100 million photos and 1 billion hours of video uploaded each day, there’s plenty to discover. Seever users are the discoverers of the social media world and want to see what others do outside their following list.

By monitoring the activities of the users, the discover page shows personalized content. By doing so, Seever creates more social interaction and stimulates discoveries of new content and creators.

As an influencer or company, you will stand out from the crowd and your unique content can inspire the rest of the world.

View statistics

How does your posted photo perform on Instagram, video on YouTube, Facebook message or TikTok post? As a Seever Verfied member, you’ll have access to all the statistics for all content posted online.

All content in one scan!

Want to show all your social media content without having to switch between all the different platforms? With the Seever QR code you can let your followers or customers know that they can view and follow your entire social world at one place.

What people say

“Seever, the social network Mark Zuckenberg couldn’t make”

Sebastien Marien, Androidworld

“The best Dutch and Belgian app from February”

Redactie, iCulture

“All your profiles of the largest platforms in one overview”

Kirsten Spahr van der Hoek, Emerce

”Fantastic platform, everything is organized and I am immediately
up-to-date of everyone I want to follow 🌟”

Eva Zelle, Apple App Store

”Nice app! Easily displays the profiles of the companies I like to follow.”

Timo Steenhoven, Google Play Store