Become verified

Become verified

We, as Team Seever, already did most of the work for you. We understand that you, as an influencer, already have enough to do, this is why we put our best efforts in collecting all your social media profiles and processed them in the app. However, as you can understand, it is quite challenging to match the correct social media platforms for the thousands of accounts that we already added.

Because of this, there is ‘Seever Verified’. This is a well-known verified logo that we also use in our app to show that the influencers checked the matched social media profiles their selves. It is of course possible that we cannot find the social media platform, or that we added a profile that is not administered by you. The Seever verified logo shows the users that your account is 100% okay. When all of your social media platforms are linked correctly, it is important to request a verified logo so that we can add it to your account.

Because we think it is awesome when you become a Seever Verified Greatest, you will get the chance to add your website to your account for free!

Are you already a Greatest in our app, but not yet Seever verified? Send and e-mail to (Seever Verified or Greatest is not meant for ‘normal’ users of Seever, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The e-mails from not-influencers will not be processed.)

Ben jij een influencer en zit je nog niet in de Seever app? Klik dan eerst hier om jezelf aan te vragen!

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