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Add an influencer2019-11-13T10:30:43+00:00

We are constantly adding new influencers, but it is possible that your favorite influencer has not been added yet. To make sure that this influencer will be added faster in Seever, you can request him/here here.

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Becoming verified2019-11-13T10:23:06+00:00

The verification icon shows Seever users that you manage your own profile. In this way they know that the profile is 100% correct and you have access to all features. For all the information to become Seever Verified, please visit the Business page.

Manage your own profile2019-11-13T10:31:43+00:00

Are you an influencer or company and you can already be found in the app but you can’t manage your profile yourself yet? Become Seever Verfied and get access to many functions such as ‘highlighting content’ and ‘statistics’. For all information about managing your own Seever profile, visit the Business page.

I can not be found in the app yet2019-11-13T10:50:27+00:00

We have already added many influencers and companies to the Seever app, but we may not have encountered you yet. As an influencer or company you can request to join the Seever app on the Request page.