These Terms apply to your use of Seever and provide information about the Seever service (also called Service or Services), described below. When you create a Seever account or use Seever, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

An exception is made when we expressly indicate that separate terms (instead of these Terms) apply.

The Seever-service

Our mission is to create value for followers and influencers and improve the way people use social media. To advance this mission of Seever, we offer you our Service that includes all of Seever’s products, features, apps, services, technologies and software.

Connect the influencer and company profiles with the user:

We help you to find and connect with the influencers (people, groups, companies, brands and others) you consider as important in the Seever services. We use the data we have to improve the experience influencers offer you.

Provide personalized opportunities to connect and discover:
Everyone is different, and that’s why your experience on Seever is different from that of others. From the reports, the people you follow, recommendations, advertisements and other content you see in our Service. We use the information we have, for example about the connections you make, the choices and settings you select and what you do within our Service, to personalize your experience.

Research and innovation:
In order to continue to improve our Service, we at Seever are always engaged in research and innovation with a young and fresh outlook. By analysing the information we obtain, we want to gain insight into the way in which our Service is used.

Our data policy

We collect and use your personal information to provide the services described above. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use information

What you give permission for

In order to make use of our Service, we ask that you to give us the following permissions.

Who can use Seever
We want you to be able to access our Service, but we also want it to be safe, secure and in compliance with the law. That’s why we need to impose some restrictions on you in order to be part of the Seever community.

  • You may not receive our Service under applicable law;
  • We have previously disabled your account for violations of the law or any of our terms and conditions.

How not to use Seever

  • You must not pretend to be other someone else or provide inaccurate information:
    • When you submit information to us, it must be accurate and up to date, especially information about the influencers of our Service. You should also not impersonate anyone other than yourself, and you cannot create an account for anyone else unless you have explicit permission to do so.
  • You may not do anything that is unlawful, misleading, fraudulent, illegal or serves an unauthorized purpose.
  • You may not collect or access any data from our Service by automated means (without our prior consent) or attempt to access unauthorised data.

The permissions you grant us
In order to provide our Service, you give us certain permissions as part of this agreement.

  • Permission to use your information about your relationships and actions with accounts, ads and sponsored content.
  • Permission to update software you use or download.

When you log in to one of the social media platforms included in our Service
In order to make optimal use of our Service, it is possible to log in to your social media accounts. When you log in or create an account, you must also agree to the terms and conditions of these platforms. You can read them via the following links:


Supplementary provisions

  1. Suspension, termination or modification of your account
    • When you choose a username or other identifier for your account, we may change this if we believe it is appropriate or necessary (for example, if it infringes the intellectual property of someone else or imitates another user).
    • If we conclude that you have violated our Terms and Conditions, we may disable and suspend access to your account. Disabling and suspending your account may also happen if we are required to do so by law.
    • If you delete or we disable your account, the terms and conditions “What you give permission for” and “Additional Terms” will continue to apply.
  2. Limitation of liability
    • We use appropriate expertise and care in providing our Service to you and in providing a safe, reliable and error-free environment, but we cannot guarantee that our Service will always operate without disruptions, delays or problems. Subject to our care, we accept no responsibility for: loss not caused by our violation of these Terms or otherwise by our actions; loss that cannot reasonably be foreseen by you and us when entering into these Terms; offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or otherwise undesirable content posted by others that you come across in our Service; and events that reasonably fall outside our control.
    • The above does not exclude or limit our liability in case of other matters or if this is not permitted by law.
  3. Disputes
    • We try to establish clear rules so that we can limit and hopefully avoid disputes between you and us. However, if a dispute arises, it is useful to know in advance where it can be resolved and which legislation will apply.If you are a consumer and live in a Member State of the European Union, the laws of that Member State will apply to any claim, cause of action or dispute you may have against us arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the Seever service (“claim”). You may bring this action before any court of competent jurisdiction in that Member State which has jurisdiction over the action. In all other cases, you agree that the claim must be heard in a court of competent jurisdiction in the Netherlands and that Dutch law governs these Terms and Conditions and all claims, regardless of the conflict of laws rules.
  4. Other
    • These Terms (formerly known as the Letter of Rights and Responsibilities) constitute the entire agreement between you and Seever B.V. with respect to your use of our Service. These Terms and Conditions supersede any prior agreements.
    • Some of the Services we offer are also subject to additional terms and conditions. If you use any of these Services, you will have the opportunity to agree to the additional terms that will form part of our agreement with you. For example, if you use our Services for commercial or business purposes, such as buying advertisements or using our measurement services. To the extent that any additional terms conflict with these Terms, the additional terms will apply with respect to that conflict.
    • If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable, the remaining part shall remain in full force and effect. If we fail to enforce anything in these Terms and Conditions, we do not waive our rights. Any amendment or waiver of these Terms must be made in writing and signed by us.
    • You do not transfer any rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else without our consent.
    • These Conditions do not confer any rights on third beneficiaries. All of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions may be freely transferred by us in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, whether by operation of law or otherwise.
    • We always welcome feedback and other suggestions about our products and services. However, you should be aware that we can use them without restrictions and without obligation to reimburse you for them and we are not obliged to keep them confidential.
    • We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

Last update: 5 november 2019